An Edible QR Code Might Advance Precision Medicine

One of society’s greatest challenges is its growing dependence on prescription narcotics. In the last decade, soaring rates of drug abuse across the United States have led to a sharp increase in emergency room visits, and President Donald Trump’s administration is seeking some $13 billion in the next budget to combat the opioid epidemic.

But physicians and healthcare innovators hope that the onset of personalized medicine will empower people to better control their intake of drugs, as doses become specifically designed for the individual.

In January, a group of researchers at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, published a paper describing one such way of personalizing prescriptions in drug production.

The group printed drugs in QR-coded patterns onto a white edible material, allowing each dosage to be tailored to fit an individual patients’ needs. The thinking is that this high-tech type of drug production has the potential to protect against incorrect medications, overdoses, and even fake medicine.

Read the full article on HCA news


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